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Wreathed Hornbill

A male Wreathed hornbill with gular pouch. The female's pouch is blue. Hornbill - bird found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia, & Melanesia

El patito

(via / Photo One-Day-Old Duckling by Justin Schmauser)

Novembro azul!

Beautiful blue birds perched on dark brown branches against a gray sky. What great color contrasts!

Pergolero regente (Sericulus chrysocephalus). Es un ave paseriforme de la familia Ptilonorhynchidae, endémica de Australia.

The regent bowerbird is a medium-sized, up to 25 cm long, sexually dimorphic bowerbird. The male bird is black with a golden orange-yellow crown, mantle and black-tipped wing feathers. It has yellow bill, black feet and yellow iris.

This fancy bird looks like she's wearing a stole & headed for the opera

This fancy bird looks like she's wearing a stole & headed for the opera

colorful birds...

Rainbow of Lovies…! Art: Rainbows, A Favorite Thing of Mine (CTS)

White-crested Laughingthrush | by dgward55 flickr

White-crested laughing thrushes (Garrulax leucolophus) It is found in forest and scrub from the Himalayan foothills to Indochina.

Grey crowned crane……SHE CAME IN "TOP CRANE" IN LAST-YEAR'S BEAUTY PAGEANT……….ccp  (I love the comment by "ccp")

East African Grey crowned Crane lives in dry savannah in Africa south of the Sahara, tho it nests in somewhat wetter habitats. They can also be found in marshes, cultivated lands & grassy flatlands near rivers & lakes from Uganda & Kenya to South Africa.