Le blog de Doris: Benjamin Chee Chee et Cecil Youngfox

Friends - Benjamin Chee Chee (born in Temagami, ON of Ojibwa descent. Died in Ottawa on March I did this design on the back of an Eskimo Parka back in Still love that coat.

canada geese

Josh Kolay - from the Museum of Anthropology at UBC (Dene Tha' Nation)

Clemence Wescoupe - Bird Mother Spirit

Clemence Wescoupe - Bird Mother Spirit

Purrrrrfect time for knitting.

Cat Print - Percy Knits - 8 x 10 Giclee Fine Art Print -ShopMissElla on Etsy

Le symbole de la paix par les oies sauvage.,.

Birds In A Bird Formation (x-post /r/perfecttiming)