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Some days it takes all my strength not to turn someone into a toad or shove my broomstick where the sun doesn't shine

And the person saying that hasn't read any of the Harry Potter stories.  Sigh.  Look what s/he has missed.

Saying Harry Potter is teaching kids witchcraft is like saying watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy makes you a heart surgeon. Come on people.

Indispensable accessories for the modern witch- Wicca Teachings FB page.


I'm feeling like a bitch today. I must be on someone else's period. This explains why I'm moody on some days for no apparent reason!

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Aunty Acid Comic Strip, November 27, 2015 on

Aunty Acid Comic Strip, November 27, 2015 on


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Bright Witch Law

"Witches hope is woven of sunbeams and moonbeams"

The ups & downs of

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