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Walktopus-Lit Candles. I kind of want this, I can't even explain why.

Funny pictures about Brilliant Octopus Candle Holder. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant Octopus Candle Holder. Also, Brilliant Octopus Candle Holder photos.

fish door handle

Fish door knocker - Robin Hood's Bay - North York Moors (England) by Arco Ardon

How much wood can a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker cant reach wood??? ...

door knocker - we get so many woodpeckers that land on our cedar wood siding pecking away (sometimes waking us up!

Hephaestus Cabin - new lock with Leo Valdez. - umm - can you say - Very cool!

An old metal handle and keys on a wooden door. Latch style door handles are more practical than knobs to me as they're easier to open with wet hands or arms full of groceries. This one is beautifully ornate but not overly so.