'Early Pearly' Camellia Sasanqua for a hedge?

As flower ages blooms will show stamens. Medium growth with pendulous laterals. Suitable for specimen, hedge or espalier. Mid-March to end of July.

Large mock orange with fragrant white flowers

Philadelphus 'virginal' - Large mock orange with fragrant white flowers - flowering hedge back garden

CAMELLIA "Fairy Blush" is an evergreen shrub with small growth habit.  The bud opens to reveal an apple blossom colored bloom that is scented.

Fairy Blush Camellia - Monrovia Moderate grower to tall and wide. Deep pink buds open to reveal dainty, single, apple blossom colored blooms in mid winter.

'Setsugekka' (sasanqua) Large, perfectly formed, semi-double, white flowers with ruffled edges and a bright cluster of golden stamens at the center. Dense, semi-weeping habit and glossy, dark green foliage makes for an exceptional plant for foundation plantings or as an espalier. Mid season bloomer. 8-10' tall and wide.

Setsugekka Camellia (Camellia sasanqua 'Setsugekka') fall blooming, use as a border shrub, screen or espalier- Monrovia

Camellia sasanqua Paradise Audrey

One of the NEW Paradise range of Autumn and Winter flowering Camellias. A lovely evergreen shrub producing a mass of informal double pink flowers from November onwards.


Early Pearly Camellia for back corner

The lovely white sasanqua Camellia Early Pearly

The lovely white sasanqua camellia Early Pearly