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Apollo - Greek God of the sun, son of Zeus, Twin sister is Artemis, Rides his chariot across the sky to bring daylight.

Evil Ranger by yanzi-5

In complete contrast to his companions, the human ranger is a very attractive and "clean" man. His armor is well kept and in good repair. It is a lighte.

Skillful Archer, Wenjuinn Png on ArtStation at

Random Fantasy/RPG artwork I find interesting,(*NOT MINE) from Tolkien to D&D.


Ranger type with a reflex longbow. Should generaly be shooting along the index finger while using european pull technique.

Mirkwood archer by ~meneldil-elda on deviantART

m High Elf Ranger Med Armor Cloak Longbow Sword community Mirkwood archer by ~meneldil-elda on deviantART

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Amalric, the second child of Ríon and Osbeorn. At twenty two when his parents die, he buries himself in research as a certified scientific genius and becomes a theoretical healer, his methods saving hundreds of lives later