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There's no room for belief in rigorous science. Just curiosity, the desire to dedicate your life to the greater good, and the drive to never give up. "SCIENCE doesn't really give a shit about your BELIEFS"

Hello, sir! Have you accepted Jesus, the son of god, as your savior yet? Savior from what? From eternal damnation of course. Who damned me? God! He damned...all of us. By default. So he damns people and then his son goes around saving them? Yes, that is correct! That sounds like some rotten family business that I don't want to get involved in.

Reality of christianity

This sounds like some rotten family business I don't want to get involved in

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atheist cat wants proof of ceiling cat

True Story: I was once a sweet little bisexual girl with Tourettes who was unlucky enough to have a backwards religious mother who use to hold me down and tried to beat it out of me. She once sat on my chest while performing an exorcism and because I also have asthma I could have died, it felt like I was going to at the time

I'll be the one on my high horse, pinning all the anti-religion, liberal, common sense propaganda I can find.