Le Corbusier, Citrohan House, Stuttgart, 1927. Le Corbusier envisioned the Citrohan house as being efficient like a car.  In Le Corbusier: An Analysis of Form, Geoffrey H. Baker states that the relationship between the house and cars is evidenced by Le Corbusier’s name for the home:  He named it the Maison Citrohan as an intended compliment to the Citroën automobile manufacturing company and because he believed it to be as efficient as the new machines which are transforming 20th century…

Citrohan House by Le Corbusier, 1920

Weissenhofsiedlung, Citrohan House, 1927, Le Corbusier, Stuttgart, Germany.

Lecture 10 - International Style - Architecture 219 with Yip at California State University - Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - StudyBlue

Maison Guiette - Le Corbusier, 1926

Maison Guiette in Antwerpen, Le Corbusier, / 1926

La Cité radieuse de Marseille (Corbusier) 1945- 14 octobre 1952

La Cité radieuse de Marseille (Corbusier) 1945- 14 octobre 1952

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Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye

Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. Famed for promoting the architectural promenade, Villa Savoye has become an icon in the architecture community.

ich weiß nicht was es genau ist, die fast komplett aus Glas bestehende Wand im Obergeschoss obwohl unten nur wenige Fenster sind oder sonstiges..

Le Corbusier Maison Guiette, Antwerp, Belgium, Corbu is one of my greatest architectural influences

Le Corbusier | Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (1887-1965) with Pierre Jeanneret (1896-1967) | Double house in the Weissenhofseidlung | Stuttgart, Germany | For the Deutscher Werkbund exhibition "Die Wohnung" | 1927

Charles was inspired when he visited this house and this site in Stuttgart in He appreciated the effort to apply great architectural principles to designs for the

Pabellón L'Esprit Nouveau.   Building destroyed in April-May 1926   This replica was built in 1977 in Bologna, Italy.

Le Corbusiers first internationally recognized work, the Pavilion de LEsprit Nouveau from 1925

Paris - 14ème - Maison-atelier du peintre Amédée Ozenfant  Architecte: Le…

Paris - Maison-atelier Ozenfant - Le Corbusier, P.

Le Corbusier | Villa Baizeau [Villa Cartago] | 1927 Història en Obres - portal de historia de la arquitectura moderna

“A model of Villa Baizeau in Carthage, Tunisia by Le Corbusier The house was built for Lucien Baizeau, the director of a construction material company.

Dejamos con ustedes un interesante video realizado por Onnis Luque, en el que nos invita a entrar en la célebre Villa...

Video: Recorriendo La Villa Savoye de Le Corbusier

LeCorbusier Villa Savoye Le Corbusier 1922 This is an approach to architecture through Architectural Photography in motion.

Fondation Le Corbusier - Buildings - Maisons Weissenhof-Siedlung

Germany's UNESCO World Heritage site is the Le Corbusier houses in Stuttgart. Learn about their significance as well as find visitor information.

contemporama : le corbusier… maisons weissenhof-siedlung,...

contemporama : le corbusier… maisons weissenhof-siedlung,...

1925 L’Esprit Nouveau Pavilion | Architect: Le Corbusier | Paris, France

L’Esprit Nouveau Pavilion, Architect: Le Corbusier, Paris, France

Maison-atelier du peintre Ozenfant, Paris by IFM Photographic, via Flickr

Maison-atelier Ozenfant, by Le Corbusier avenue Reille Paris, France

Villa Savoye  Architect: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret (1928 - 1931)  Location: Poissy, France

Villa Savoye by Chimay Bleu