Nude, A Study / Ferocious Quarterly 2 | Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons: "I had the chance to be in Ferocious Quarterly 2 along with other great artists. This is an illustration for a great short story by Virginia Konchan called Nude, A Study. I’m in the red book, printed with just a red and grey ink.


Arts Integration

5 of Cups by Elizabeth Parlett

anghouliz: “ This is a piece I did for my character design class. The assignment was to design a character for a tarot card that we randomly selected. I got Five of Cups, a card dealing with grief,.

Paintings Reproductions Boldini, Giovanni La Pianista [The Lady Pianist]

La Pianista [The Lady Pianist]

The Lady Pianist (also known as La Pianista) Giovanni Boldini - Date unknown

5 Secrets Car Mechanics Don’t Want You to Know

5 Secrets Car Mechanics Don’t Want You to Know

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