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https://flic.kr/p/rNAQqT | فرعون 3

King Tut's tomb - Horus, son of the Goddess Isis. Called the Savior God of Egypt, for restoring his father to life. Often depicted as a falcon. The Eye of Horus watches over mankind.

A large Egyptian scarab amulet carved from steatite - circa 550 BC. From the private collection of Randy Benzie | Does anyone knows the translation to the inscriptions?

The Greatest Artifacts from Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian scarab beetle is a very recognizable artifact. It has appeared in tombs, ancient Egyptian art, and even some very famous album covers.

Egyptian Bracelet {Gorgeous!}

Egyptians are also know for their exquisite jewelry. Egyptian jewelry evokes the history and culture of the people who once brought us the magnificent pyramids