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"Weather mistakes ~ It didn't snow for the whole winter. It did now, two days before spring..."

Additional Photography Information: The life cannot be imagined without having art. Though a variety of art available to jazz up the mood, photography is one of

Paris, 1968

Henri Cartier-Bresson Paris, France, 1954 Thanks to undr

(91) Drake Abbychicka The subject placement is an important aspect of this image, without the rhythm and flow between the things the image wouldn't be as strong. The variety of tonal differences in the black and white effect also adds a sense of age, and oldness to the photograph. With the blank areas, where usually a body would be within the objects, creates a sense of depth and illusion. And begins to play tricks on the viewers thoughts to the overall meaning and communication of this…

Idea of air visible on stage -,use balloons, alternative to bubbles at end of show? (Airheads) by Jacob Sutton ~Fashion photography. Cropped from original colour photo.

Métro lapin

I found the White Rabbit! Either I'm goin' to Wonderland, or I just tackled some guy in a bunny mask for no real reason.

Never stop having fun

Historical Pics on

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

London 1951 Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson The way this photographer has used the black and white effect makes the photo have a story.

Black and white

This photograph was taken at a very interesting angle with the sunlight shining through. The black and white of the photograph directs the focus to the woman. Photo Gothic Quarters, Barcelona de Frank van Haalen (via

Poetry - A Glass of Water by David Musgrave - Oct. 11, 2012

Poetry Worth Reading – Musgrave

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