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Today some asshole did some shit to some other asshole. They both were assholes. so, fuck those idiots


So glad texting wasn't a thing when I was a kid. This would have been my Dad's idea of funny.

call me midget one more time

short cop lmao the attitudes pretty obvious as usual! What is it with short men and attitudes? Add being a cop to that?


I'm not sure if you're a creeper for watching a kid color, but.that kid sure is creepy

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Safety First: It's better to be safe than sorry. Always wear a helmet when riding your bike. Even when it's just a stationary bike.

Before There Was A Walmart u used have to buy a ticket to see the circus.

Before There Was A Walmart

Ecard: Back before walmart, you used to have to buy a ticket to the fair to see a bearded woman.

yes I hate this it's the same with Virginia weather it can be balmy 80 degrees the next 28 degrees with 3 inches of snow....No its not global warming or armageddon!

Funny pictures about Florida be like. Oh, and cool pics about Florida be like. Also, Florida be like.

Change the channel

14 Family Feud Answers That Caused Steve Harvey To Lose Faith In Humanity. Survey says.we're doomed. I love Steve Harvey so much

White trash fuck clown is my new favorite insult<< I've actually used pompous crotch hammer before, I was roleplaying as karkat

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Funny pictures about The ultimate insult creator. Oh, and cool pics about The ultimate insult creator. Also, The ultimate insult creator.

Only on my cheat days!  lol

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