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Picture of Half Chaps (Polainas): Black

Half Chaps (Polainas): Black


Spats century Spats are protective coverings worn over outdoor shoes, to protect the shoes. They were developed to help protect the details, such as buckles and leather being used in footwear. Make out of old boots? Those with dated heel and toe shape

Наруч, фиксирующий запястье Делался в пару к часам. Заказчик не захотел покупать ортопедическую полуперчатку. Хотел чтоб она сочеталась с часами.

Shorter wrist section. Possibly made of tough but flexible cloth for easy movement with soft leather on the palm Same color as jerkin and hood and belt and boots.

Half Chaps (Polainas): Brown

Half Chaps (Polainas): Brown

Quality pebbled leather chaps with close-fit, elasticated calf sections and zips.

Shires Leather Half Chaps

Floral Half Chaps

Beautiful and functional, these half chaps are a great addition to your riding gear!