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Funny Workplace Ecard: I may be dehydrated and hungry, but I run myself ragged…

Do tell. #Nurses #NurseHumor #WorkLife OR, better yet, tell me how to do my job because you read about it on WedMD or saw it on House.

eCards for Nurses

'I wanted to work but got canceled! ' said No Nurse Ever!

I used to feel this way. Until I started getting called off a shift per week! Got to pay the bills!

Weekends, holidays, 13 hour shifts overnight when daylight savings time ends. Whoop-di-do.

sunglasses..rain or shine! the qualities that give pleasure to the very attractive or seductive looking woman. treat yourself and save $60 + free shipping!

Does watching 4 hours of Grey's Anatomy count for my Continuing Nursing Education hours?


To be a good nurse one requires being born with two things: a heart of compassion, and a twisted sense of humor. Very true.