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Press of the French (GIF)

Some people live longer than others. This ad for life insurance gives a couple reasons why so that we can all live longer.   This film is part of a larger initiative for Prudential which helps people understand the mental and cultural challenges we face when we plan for our financial future, BringYourChallenges.com.

nextdoor created this fun animation which explores the way in which you can live longer, a few of which you might not have expected.

NEW YORK WINDOWS ... illustrations from a fascinating project by New York graphic designer José Guizar: http://www.windowsofnewyork.com

(BUILDINGS AS CHARACTERS) Animate words to move in a blind/curtain/window-pulling motion --> acts like the face of a person to resemble that character element.

20 Quirky, Fun & Downright Stunning GIFs from Dribbble

20 Quirky, Fun & Downright Stunning GIFs from Dribbble

motion graphics Coffee in 200 frames by Steffen Lyhne. A little homage to the mighty moccamaster

Genre Hopping: Genius or Fatal Mistake?

Frogger video game and mid-century illustration-styled poster, seemingly featured in the "Multiplayer" Group Show at Gallery 1988 in Venice, Santa Monica. Poor big-eyed retro froggie, always having to cross the road for no apparent reason.