Realm of Fantasy by Mysterykids on DeviantArt

Stocks used : Model : Black Magic 9 BG : At -Stock Patagonian River 02 Sky : sky Dragons : E-S Winter Dragon E-S Dragon flying Butte.

When you are human, you discover that there is great power in hating the earth. And it can almost make you fly. But it never will." "So, what's the trick?" "Love the sky.” ― Anne Fortier,

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shadows in the deep ocean lie, where mermaids freely dance in the waves, and play with sea creatures of all kinds

Photographer: Sarah Bowman Photography Model: Crystal Weiss - Model

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standing still, raven in the woods

"I searched for the raven to guide me in the dark forest." The picture in a small series. ~ Stock used: forest: *anaRasha-stock ravens: *unholy-stock texture frame: ~pareeerica lantern: =Pieceo.

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