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Great #giftidea for #kids

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift! - Craft ~ Bubblegum jar -- I also think this would be a great way to hide money in one's house. Of course, I'd have to glue the gum down so I wouldn't chew it.

Play "DOUGH" Money Gift by About Family Crafts

Creative Way to Wrap Money Gifts Money: Play “Dough creative ways to give money Reuse a Play-Doh container to hide money in as a gift. Add a gift tag that says something like, “Here’s some ‘dough’ to play with this Christmas.

One of the cutest gift-giving ideas I've seen!!!  The Craft Patch: Gifts

Punch a present gift idea. It's just like that game on The Price is Right! Great idea for the days leading up to a holiday or birthday.get to punch out 1 per day maybe ?

Surprise Filled Gift Balls.  This fun gift giving idea may look like just a ball of yarn, but it's really a bunch of little gifts wrapped layer by layer.  The recipient has to unwind the entire ball of yarn to receive all the gifts that are hidden inside!

Surprise Filled Gift Balls

Surprise Filled Gift Balls: Recipient must keep unwinding the ball to get all of the little gifts out of it! Super fun way to give little gifts!

Christmas Money Ornament: Creative way to give money for Christmas!

Christmas Money Ornaments - great idea for your college-aged kids. Keepsake ornament with practical insides for them to spend on books. You should make these filled with a memory of Nat each year! This year would be Monster High cutouts :)

For the kids graduation

idea: buy a photo album when you're child/grandchild is born and put money each slot every month. when they graduate (high school or college), give them the photo album as a gift

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If you're looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts to make, look no further than the Christmas Treat Jar DIY Christmas Gift. This project is the perfect last-minute gift. Homemade Christmas gift ideas are a great way to show you care.

Cute gift idea

super cute idea to re-label a hand sanitizer bottle and make it into an adorable Santa-tizer - great teacher gift / seasonal Christmas gift for the teacher .,Christmas,Christmas and Winter,Crafts,Gift