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Simply Simple FLASH CARD 2.0 - Four Square Card by Connie Stewart

cardmaking video tutorial: Simply Simple FLASH CARD - Four Square Card by Connie Stewart . luv how she did her inchie four square .

FLASH CARD 2.0 - 2 for 1 One Tag Fits All Cards - Video | Simply Simple Stamping

Today I am going to create two Flash Cards from just one set of Flash Card pieces. Hey, if you're making one card, why not make two? I used just one stam.

▶ Simply Simple FLASH CARD 2.0 Cupcake Store Front by Connie Stewart - YouTube

FLASH CARDS is an exciting new series where you learn to create dozens of different kinds of cards using just one simple template.

Simply Simple FLASH CARD 2.0 - Polka Dotted 'Smile' Card by Connie Stewart

I love polka dots! What's not to love about polka dots? They just make people happy! Today I have a really bright and fun FLASH CARD I hope you enjoy it.

Simply Simple FLASH CARD 2.0 - You Make Me Smile by Connie Stewart

Who hasn't needed a thank you card in a flash? Today's Flash Card is super quick and easy but beautiful and cheery too. Flash Cards make your card making exp.

Simply Simple FLASH CARD - You're Amazing Circle Card by Connie Stewart

Swing card (aka Circle Cards) have never been easier with the new Circle Card Thinlits from Stampin' Up!

FLASH CARDS 2.0 - Vintage Valentine - Video No. 4 | Simply Simple Stamping

All of my FLASH CARDS in one place! Here are some older Flash Cards too!