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Use conference badge holders to carry lace charts! Clever! Thanks, Wisehilda!

Repurpose conference badge holders into portable knitting chart holders!

Free downloadable stitch markers with pattern on back.  Great idea - could make your own!

Knitting pattern directions disguised as stitch markers.

"Irish cottage knitting" vs "English" knitting. Women were encouraged to hold their knitting needles in a “proper” and “pretty” way to show that they were upper class — that is, to keep the palms of the hands down. This is a posture which ultimately slowed down our ability to knit fast. So, we have to go back and re-learn an old pre-industrial revolution style of knitting in order to regain speed and efficiency. Technique demonstrated by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  sweetgeorgia blog

Knitting for Speed & Efficiency

Knitting for Speed & Efficiency - SweetGeorgia Yarns. Interesting read and vids about knitting styles and speed.

how to continental knit faster | to knit faster, neater and more intuitively. In our latest knitting ...

A guide to Combination Knitting: a good start, just showing how the knit/purl stitches sit differently and are knitted differently (through the front loop for purl, but through the BACK loop for the knit stitch).

How to reknit dropped stitches....

How to re-knit dropped stitches.

Sock Knitting Tips. Very clear grafting instructions.

Sock Knitting Tips. Very clear grafting instructions. Always need help grafting the toe!

Scrapdash: Weave in ends while knitting--Continental Style

Okay, as promised, here's how I altered SockPron's tutorial on weaving in ends while knitting. My way is for the Continental/European styl.

Knitting i-cord

Knitting reference pic for ink

unleashed 1 KnitPurlHunter KAL July 2015

Knit Purl Hunter, knitting is my passion.

How to avoid ladders when knitting in the round on DPNs.

TECHknitting: How to avoid ladders on DPNs (double pointed needles)


Ravelry: Just In Time Neck Cozy pattern by Purl Soho

my newest pattern! @Molly Walsh making this asap. loveee. by @Susan B. Anderson

by Caron Caron B. Anderson - Another Flower Headband pattern on raverly.

Kettrand Variante 1

Many kinds of row-endings.


Ravelry: The Mid-December Easy Knit Infinity Scarf pattern by A Crafty House

Combination Knitting: Part 3 – Annie Modesitt

Combination Knitting: Part 3 – Annie Modesitt