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lotr-tarot-cards   Not really a fan of tarot cards per say but I love Lord Of The Rings and the art is BEAUTIFUL! Click for more! The Arwen card is stunning.

This is a series of digital paintings by Russian artist SceithAilm imagining the Lord of the Rings characters as tarot cards. You ever had a tarot card reading performed.

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[The Hanged Man] Lord of the Rings Deck - Major Arcana - by Sceith-A [Deviantart]

tarot__the_high_priestess_by_sceithailm-d5y8hqz |

Tarot / Lord of the Rings - The High Priestess Frodo and Galadriel (by SceithAilm)

tarot__the_magician_by_sceithailm-d5y8g57 |

The Magician: Drawing inspiration from The Lord of The Rings movies, DeviantART user SceithAilm

El Carro

LOTR Tarot Cards - Imbuing the power of magic, artist SceithAilm creates LOTR tarot cards. This tarot card set pairs up each card with its Lord of the Rings character.

Https://k60.kn3.net/taringa/F/D/1/C/0/6/LinceCoronas/36A.gif. Bienvenidos a mi post... A continuación les dejo varias ilustraciones de esta magnifica obra... Dale play al video... Https://www.youtube.com/embed/_UuyeYdQnI4?wmode=transparent. Link:...

El señor de los anillos en ilustraciones....

La Rueda de la Fortuna - Gollum

Beautifully Illustrated 'Lord of the Rings' Tarot Cards- Wheel of Fortune Card