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Spierziekten Nederland : Chronische idiopathische axonale polyneuropathie (CIAP)

Spierziekten Nederland : Chronische idiopathische axonale polyneuropathie (CIAP)

Majro-Muscle-of-the-Human-Body-Posterior.jpg (376×640)

Quite a simple diagram focusing on posterior muscles - great when I need to be working on isolated muscles when I train for Competition time. But as a PT, these muscles names are already in my vocab - so I just admire the colour

Interesting www.facebook.com/pages/Focalglasses/551227474936539 Best Vision in The World!

Each spinal nerve supplies a wide area of the body and many functions. This is a good chart for identifying which spinal nerves serve specific area of the body.

Lumbar Radiculopathy (Sciatica): Overview. ohhhh yes, I get mine on the side of it so this EXPLAINS it!

Overview The spinal cord branches out to all parts of the body. The part of a nerve that connects to the spinal cord is called a nerve root. If one of these roots is injured or pinched, pain, weakness, numbness … Continue reading →

Spinal Nerve Function - I broke C6 with damage to C5 and C7.

Are you nervous about the Nervous System? This may help! Learn all about your spine and nervous system. Chiropractic Care can help give you Relief. On so many levels. Contact your local The Joint.the chiropractic place to start your care today!

Manage Blood Pressure Infographic--One in three American adults has high blood pressure, yet many don’t even know it. Use this infographic to learn how to manage yours.

Como Saber Si Tengo Diabetes Tipo 1 O 2

Blood Vessels. they also link to the theme of mapping.

Every pound of fat you gain causes your body to make 7 new miles of blood vessels - Shocking Facts About the Human Body