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Asuna from Sword Art Online It was drawn 2 months ago for Otafest, it's also my first shot on a proper background. It achieved my first Pixiv Asuna

Sinon ALO ~ Korigengi | Wallpaper Anime

This show gets a lot of hat, but Sinon is cute and it had good moments - Sinon SAO

Last week, the Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale anime film hit the shelves as a DVD rental in …

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[SAO 2] Sinon by YukikoFuyu by YukikoFuyu

Browse Mirai Nikki SAO Guilty Crown collected by Elisa Bretagnolle and make your own Anime album.


Anime Sword Art Online 2 Home Decor Wall Scroll Poster Fabric Painting Janpan Art Cosplay Sinon / Yuuki Asuna / Kirigaya Kazuto x -- Find out more details by clicking the image : DIY : Do It Yourself Today