Hôtel Hannon à Bruxelles, hall du jardin d'hiver.

Art Nouveau: was an attempt by artists to develop a style with no roots of the early artistic forms. It was used a lot during the bustle period in architecture, fashion designs and paintings.

Art Nouveau - Hotel Hannon - Bruxelles - Serre ‘Jardin d'hiver’

Art Nouveau Interior, Hotel Hannon ~ Bruxelles ~ Serre 'Jardin d'hiver' - I pinned for the floor, but could have pinned for the wall, staircase or windows!


There was a resurgence of the art nouveau style in the Jewelry and mirrors were especially suited to that style and I remember these being sold in catalogs and shops.

межкомнатные арки - Поиск в Google

Jury Moshans’ Door Arches, His Style He Calls Modernist, I Say Nouveau, He lives and works in Latvia

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There's something almost grotesque about an already natural form -wood-forced into a persons idea of stylistic natural forms. I prefer jewellery and glass manipulated into the natural forms of the art nouveau style.

| ♕ |  Art Nouveau Furniture Exhibit at Musé D'Orsay

Heavily influenced by Art Nouveau time period with it's focus on natural shapes, forms and fluid curves.

Art Nouveau Architecture 48

60+ Amazing Art Nouveau Architecture You Have To Know

Ornately carved double curved stairways leading to a round top door.