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breelandwalker: wood-fires: What Types of Spell Work To Do By: Moon Phase Much as I’m not thrilled by the “dark” and “light” references, this is a pretty accurate reflection of the lunar magic cycle that I use in my own practice.

There's still time to join the second Full Moon Goals Link-up

Identify Your Spirit Animal, Book of Shadows Spell Page, Wicca, Witchcraft, BOS

Identify Your Spirit Animal, Book of Shadows Page, BOS Pages, Rare Wiccan Spells Mine is a raven

Samhain Renewal Spell (my family does this every year but we use yew branches instead of paper sending our intention into it before burning)- Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy


Witchy tip for your home: wash down your front door with warm water and a little essential oil of mint to refresh the vibrations and welcome in luck, wealth and abundance. (Peppermint tea works as well!