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Led Zeppelin: Concert poster for Electric Magic - Empire Pool Wembley Sunday November

Led Zeppelin,Empire Pool,Wembley

Empire Pool was an indoor arena in London, opposite Wembley Stadium, now named Wembley Arena. The concert named "Electric Magic", featured circus performers and the band played at the end of a six hour circus-like evening with a 167 minute set.


Dazed And Confused - Electric Magic poster advertising Led Zeppelin’s concert at the Wembley Empire Pool in November Designed by Steve Hardstaff

Led Zeppelin

LED ZEPPELIN - Jethro Tull - Fraternity of Man 1 August 1969 - Santa Barbara - live show artistic concert poster - manifesto artistico. via Etsy. I played Drums on this concert with "Stash and Fraternity of Man"


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The ultimate Rock band.imagine their music today if John hadn't passed and they were still together ♡♡