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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Design – A Lucky Choice

Black And White Koi Fish And Japanese Flowers Tattoo. See how this tattoo design looks on your body.


another koi, feel free to email me if you want a submission _ngkhoe wavy koi

The Story of the Koi Fish is that it would swim upstream until it passed through the golden gates to where it would turn into a vicious dragon. I want to design a tattoo of the fish going through the gate and so half is fish and half is dragon.

grey water and a colored koi dragon. My koi dragon will be green (towards the head) and orange/red.

Tattoos Carpas Koi

Red Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas For Men On Upper Back, koi tattoo kailua, japanese koi fish tattoo

I have decided on this for my half sleeve... I love it, and there's enough open space around it that I could add to it later.

All About Art Tattoo Studio Rangiora. 03 310 6669 or 022 125 Only the head, the rest is weird and unfitting