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1610s - Margaret of Lovelace by John de Critz the Elder

Margaret, Lady Lovelace, wife of Richard, Ist Lord Lovelace by John Critz the Elder

Critz the Elder , John De (Flemish-born English, ca.1552-1642) (приписывается) -- Иаков I Английский, после 1603, 196 см x 120 см, холст, масло

James VI and I, wears a satin doublet, wired whisk, short cape, and hose over cannions. Narrow points are tied in bows at his waist. He wears the garter and collar of the Order of the Garter.

Anne of Denmark, Queen of Britain, Wife of King James I

Anne of Denmark, Queen of England & Scotland, wife of James I.

Princess Elizabeth of England, later Queen of Bohemia by Robert Peake, c. 1606

Princess Elizabeth Later Queen of Bohemia Robert Peake the Elder (British, ca. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Robert Peake the Elder,Prtrait of a Women,Possbly Mary Clopton - Click on image to enlarge---Beautiful!

Robert Peake the Elder, Mary Clopton?

Hans Bock the Elder.Portrait of Eva Steward of Rheinfelden, 1580. Won't let me save the link:$TspTitleLink.link&sp=13&sp=Sartist&sp=SelementList&sp=0&sp=0&sp=999&sp=SdetailView&sp=0&sp=Sdetail&sp=0&sp=T&sp=0&sp=SdetailList&sp=0&sp=F&sp=Scollection&sp=l1065

1580 Hans Bock the Elder - Portrait of Eva Steward of Rheinfelden

William Brodie, Later 22nd Laird, with His Brothers, Sisters and a Dog  by John Opie

William Brody With His Brothers, Sisters And A Dog ~ John Opie – English)

Circle of Robert Peake the Elder PORTRAIT OF A LADY, SAID TO BE MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS (1542–87)

Portrait Of A Lady, Said To Be Mary Queen Of Scots by Circle Of Robert Peake The Elder on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

1788/1789 Hon. Anne Bouverie, later the Hon. Mrs John Talbot (1729-1813) by Sir Thomas Lawrence

Portrait of the Hon. Anne Bouverie, later the Hon. Mrs John Talbot by Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA


John Souch - Lady Anne Lawley, wife of Sir Thomas Lawley