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everyone put this on your most popular board! Sorry that I put it on chat board it's my most popular board, this is NOT my sister but please help

You're welcome.

Pin this on your most popular board and he will keep you safe! This cat could stop these stupid pins!←← Hmmm most popular board? I don't really have one, I guess :( Still, I need that immunity cat as my protecter - he is sooo cute n creepy!

This made my day, wish we had something here in town that did that just to make peoples days better

You Are Awesome

This is amazing! :D I'm so glad that there are people out there spreading joy and kindness :)

Seriously why DO you follow me

Please, comment! :) also I have a question, do you guys think I should make a personal/My Life board? Let me know in the comments below.

Wow I wonder how many people snapped there fingers when they read it........ I did

Did you know that it actually is fake? When I snap my middle finger doesn't touch my palm. Or maybe I'm just that talented.they always said I was special. Hmmmm<<It hits my hand but not my palm

PLEASE comment ! I'd love to hear from you guys! ilysm  xoxo vaya but I will start follower of the week! X

Comment please!:) xx dont use the emojis tho cause they wont turn up

I did this without reposting and o started crying but I'm in a store rn and this man stares at me like 'are u ok?'

I never repost these but this works like try it. My eye does this weird thing it feels so strange try it

Perfectly Looping and Psychedelic Trippy GIFs (Photo Gallery)

Perfectly Looping and Psychedelic Trippy GIFs (Photo Gallery)


Funny pictures about The Future Is Bright In Croatia. Oh, and cool pics about The Future Is Bright In Croatia. Also, The Future Is Bright In Croatia photos.

Like,comment & share for 1D<< i had to | One Direction Infection | Pinterest | One Direction, Scary and Girls

ONE DIRECTION! That scary mad girl scared me when I was little because my brother was playing that maze and it popped out and scared me