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overleden artiesten/filmsterren

overleden artiesten/filmsterren

There is no weapon more deadly than the will ie Will to Power snuffs of life giving n rejuvenating energies both without, and within.

Gary Zukav quotes -TRUTH!

The longer you live in the shadows of your fear, you will be forever blind by the sub conscience thought of your mind, so free it and so shall you really see the light of a new day.


I love this statement. Bruce Lee understood the balance between physical health and mental strength. In all his movies he was always thin but ripped. Indominal spirit was always emphasized by instructor Mr. Juan Fogal of Fogal's Taekwondo in Santa Rosa

Bruce Lee, man. No disrespect to Chuck Norris, though, they were both cool!

Actual Bruce Lee Facts…

Funny pictures about Actual Bruce Lee Facts. Oh, and cool pics about Actual Bruce Lee Facts. Also, Actual Bruce Lee Facts.

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon by on @deviantART

A must see stunning Bruce Lee flip art painting done in seconds! Plus 10 unknown superhuman feats performed by the Legendary Bruce Lee.

Defense creates Offense.

This is a spiritual principle of combat, if you attack first without a righteous cause you expose yourself to righteous retaliation. Only God can tell you when to attack first.

Jimi Hendrix #LittleRock

Would you have expected Andre 3000 of Outkast to play Jimi Hendrix in the new movie “All is By My Side?” Jimi Hendrix Movie: All Is By My Side All Is by My Side is a 2013 British-Irish …

Best Martial Arts Movies

And people think Chuck Norris is awesome! Well my friends, Bruce Lee out does Chuck Noris by 10000000000000000000000 so in other words infinitely better!

"What is defeat? Nothing but education; Nothing but the First step to something better." Bruce Lee  Walk On! #brucelee #martialartsquotes

"What is defeat? Nothing but education; Nothing but the First step to something better." Bruce Lee Walk On!

Supreme Court Number Common Contact - see TRAPBOID RECEPTION

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If you know Bruce Lee's story, you know how much work he put into being his best self.