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Poor second

Luffy trained two years and learned Haki so he could protect his nakamas afther Ace died (What btw is the reason Ace must to die :( ) And Naruto always fight to become Hokage. And Goku. idw, i don't watch Dragon Ball Z (shame on me!

Death Note : As Planned by kuro-mai.deviantart.com on @deviantART  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ^0^ Oh poor Light Yagami... We all knew it anyways :)

Yep I know it's an old, déjà vu, very well known joke, but idk, I wanted to find an excuse to draw Death Note ^^" bleh~ Characters : L and Raito/light f. Death Note : As Planned

The same thing with vetrans but for some reson we still arent thanking them anof and they deserve more than being homeless :/

Poor kakashi had to suffer all that stuff but when he met Naruto his life kinda changed after that

POOR LEVI: Hahaha I feel bad for him though...

Attack on Titan - We are about the same height. I don't feel bad for you Levi.

GO NOW FAIRY TAIL FANS ( I've been watching stickman killing eachother for too long )

I can't stop laughing watching this! :D<<<< I think he's dead, don't make him even more dead, nvm make him dead<<< this is so true tho

The Evolution Of Dragon Ball Characters (I like how piccolo has no change whatsoever hahaha)

The Evolution Of Dragon Ball Characters