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The Legend Of Atlantis 1 - Dawn Of The Gods The Legend of Atlantis 2 - Secret Brotherhood The Legend of Atlantis 3 - Secret Prophecies The Legend of Atlantis…

CIA Document Confirms Reality of Humans With ‘Special Abilities’ Able to Do ‘Impossible’ Things | Alternative

by Arjun Walia; Collective Evolution Cases of mind influencing matter have been reported throughout history and across many cultures, more specifically in regard to ‘supernormal’ abilities which include telepathy, psychokinesis, and other phenomena.

Riquelme Davila explained that the body is 50 inches tall, triangular head, eye cavity too large, open fontanelle, which is only characteristic of children up to 1 year and has molars, which show that there is a tremendous gap that is not common in humans. The head is almost the size of body and thought it was a kid but Spanish and Russian doctors  confirmed that indeed is an extraterrestrial

"Alien Baby Skeleton This baby skeleton, and many others like it were found by Archaeologists in Cuzco Peru. DNA tests have been performed and it was proven to NOT BE HUMAN." ~ I find this to be FALSE. This baby's head was simply bound in infancy.


Romanian Cristian Boian& Digital Art & For a tutorial on how he produces his art using automated techniques and mathematical curves, see & actions to create organic imagery& Computer Arts magazine online.

mozgó képek

mozgó képek


Warlocks burn with their own power Board pins Concept Art Mech UDK Concepts Fashion Sci-Fi (Ghost Rider, Assassin's Creed Edition?

The Zeitgeist Movement literally destroys the myth that is Jesus Christ, historically proving that his entire literary existence is a fabrication comprised of several stolen stories, traits and attributes from more than a dozen ancient cultural deities that all predate him by hundreds to thousands of years. Zeitgeist's research comes from the top accredited historians, scientists and archaeolexicologists who have spent years studying Egyptian Papyrus Scrolls, Hieroglyphics and Archaic…

Christianity is the fulfillment and realization of all mythological religions, it is the myth that became fact!


Emma by Jiansong Chain chain_jane She is a demon wizard. Sending out evil breath

:::: PINTEREST.COM christiancross :::: Catarsis Cósmica / ouroborus / Sacred Geometry <3

Eye Of Ra = geometry I saw these symbols last weekend inside the assembly hall of the slc lds temple grounds last night. At least the Alpha and Omega symbols on either far-side of the organ pipes.

ERA DA PAZ - tudo para promover a Paz no Mundo: Juventude e Gentileza

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