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Fowlers Vacola Bottling Outfit.

Fowlers Vacola Bottling Outfit, supposed to be the ideal gift for all Occasions?

Your hubby's poor disposition is your fault! Vintage Ad -- A Lifetime Legacy -- http://ALifetimeLegacy.com

CRINGE: 17 Sexist Vintage Ads For Spouses

"It's all your fault" Sexist Vintage Ads: Outdated Advertisements Directed At Husbands And Wives

Prochain projet de maquillage!!

Photographer/Stylist: Donatella Parisini Wardrobe/Accessories/Stylist: Satya James ( only) Jewelry: Louise Lassay ( 4 only) Hair: Jarrah Hustler ( only)

Hoovering is one of the key components of an Abusive Cycle. It is the tactic which ensures many abusers do not have to live alone. It can also act as the ‘plus’ side when the victim calculates the emotional balance sheet, manipulating them into sustaining the abusive relationship.  Like a tango, it takes two: the person doing the hoovering and the person being sucked.  Throw out that Hoover today.  From outofthefog.net

vintage ad for Hoover vacuum cleaners. "Christmas morning she'll be happier with a Hoover." housewife in a green and white shirtwaist dress admiring her present!

1968 Hertz Corvette ad

Vintage Christmas Ad ~ Hertz Rental Cars Horrible for corporate rentals. Gotta rent a car for my employee , and they don't understand the concept of a corporation backing the rental.

Make love not war --> Make art not war. Put crayons on an ammo belt, arm her with a paintball gun, covered in painty "wounds", sitting on a step like a BAMF.

Make love not war. Anti-Vietnam war peace movement, counterculture the world STILL needs now is Love, sweet Love!

Yay, look what Santa brought us!!  Guns for everyone!!

Sears catalogue, now we have guns for the whole family, time to go shoot something

ah, the '70's

Nipple bra to look like you are not wearing a bra, while you are! No one would believe you are actually wearing a bra the ad states, nevermind the backfat that is always a dead give away. File this under EWWWW!

Howard Chandler Christy, Posters and Prints at Art.com

The feminists of today would be triggered so hard by this ad. Well luckily for us today, the Navy now includes brave women. However, this really traps the male ego to prove himself worthy by saying “be a man and do it”. Pressured much?

jobs inspiration

4 propaganda for women to join workforce. "Do the job he left behind. Apply US Employment Service"