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handmade jewelry designs by susan Star Wars Handmade Plushies Homemade cards shows different layouts handmade journal ?

artpropelled:  Antique rare textile quilt 1700’s 18th century patchwork stitched wallet purse

patchwork wallet purse - "Silk and striped patterns with interior made of pinkish red silk.

Beautiful old book cover

Three Hundred Things a Bright Girl Can Do, by Lilla Elizabeth Kelley - Beautiful old book cover

Stack of art journals by Teresa McFayden ... l*o*v*e ...

"Why You Should Be Journaling" - article by Kristal Norton - I do journal. Got them stacked up from years back. Rereading them shows me my growth.

lovely old books

Old books trump e-readers every time. There is a visceral pleasure in touching the paper, breathing in the scent of old ink and glue, seeing the worn spines on your bookshelves.