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Category: Glaze, Black, Author: Derek Au, Notes: Nigel Woods' excellent Chinese Glazes, p. 265
copper crystals in glaze 2

Glossary of Glaze Colorants

Phil Lyddon.  He uses porcelain clay as well as stoneware.    He gave me the recipe of this glaze :  Potash Feldspar 53, Whiting 6.5,  BaCo3 13, Quartz 18.5, China Clay 4.5,Ball Clay 4.5 and Sky blue glaze stain 0.5%  1265C in electric kiln. Ask him for more details.
Mooi marmer is niet lelijk - Roomed
15 tried & true cone 10 glaze recipes. Recipe cards for our favorite high fire pottery glazes.
fired in a cone 6 electric kiln on white stoneware  Opaque Semi Matt Glaze 5 (from The Complete Book of Clay and Glazes) Custer feldspar 41....
Saved for the screen printing recipe...bottom left recipe....Can print on paper to transfer to cylinder shaped pots.
Jolanda van de Grint - Tilburg
decoratie aanbrengen met schellak