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Beautiful and Refined Punu/Lumbo Figure (Parcours). Punu or Lumbo Tribe, Gabon, circa 1890-1900. This lovely figure has great appeal to us aesthetically and is important in light of the rarity of figures from this region. The wood is extremely old and dry and lightweight, giving one a sense of the fragility of the figure when it is being held - although the figure is not altogether any more or less fragile than a hardwood carving. This and more ethnographic art for sale on CuratorsEye.com.

004 Beautiful and Refined Punu/Lumbo Figure (Parcours) Ex. Lucas Ratton, Paris, Ex. Phillipe Ratton, Paris, Ex.

Rare Two-Figure Songye Divination Cupholder by the Atelier de Kisengwa (1900 - 1920) this highly emotive object with two adjoining figures "was made for the village community, loaded with magic substances or bishimba to grant protection and fertility. In most cases they were handed over from generation to generation. The small personal "nkisi“ were taken along when leaving familiar surroundings. (David Zemanek, 2009). The figure, carved from one piece of wood, features a male and ...

Two-Figure Songye Divination Cupholder by the Atelier de Kisengwa

Ngbaka, Democratic Republic of Congo, statue, wood and pigment, 71.5 cm, Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (© Roger Asselberghs / RMCA Tervuren).

Les secrets de l'initiation au musée Dapper

Object type : statue Place of collecting : Democratic Republic of the Congo > Bandundu > Kwango Culture : Nkanu


Object type mask Materials wood Place of collecting Gabon Culture Punu Dimensions cm x cm