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Yoosung by kaytea22 (Mystic Messenger)

More Mystic Messenger! A sketch of precious Yoosung Yoosung sketch

15442295_1011730625621536_5842983519392256393_n.jpg (703×845)

Needed haircut Please do not do any comic dubs of this.

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I’m on Day 9 of Yoosung’s route and I’ve grown to like him ; He’s so cute ♥ ♥ ♥ <-- heck i loved him from day one

15055641_576066775925177_2704918760066303110_n.jpg (295×395)

15055641_576066775925177_2704918760066303110_n.jpg (295×395)

ice cream, summer, and wattermelon 이미지

Is that ice-cream supposed to look like a watermelon or is that a coincidence