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I give credit to whoever came up with this beautiful ideas < Oh my gods. The feels. Hiccstrid. :)

I love the fact that the amazing person who made this highlighted Astrid's competitiveness. Even in heights XD.

Hahaha! I love the fact that the person who posted that has Jack Frost in their username. :)

on the day after i saw at school during lunch, i had just got finished saying that i was Astrid. next thing i know i got hiccups, so i said "oh, oh man. i got a bad case of the Hiccups" everyone started laughing seconds latter: i realized what i said!

So true. Also reminds me of a quote from Doctor Who that the Third Doctor said: Courage isn't just the matter of not being frightened, you know, it's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.

I know this is a HTTYD quote. But doesn't this seem like something FINN would say? Actually I can easily imagine the dork quoting Hiccup here.

Take a minute to look at Hiccstrid

Take a minute to look at Hiccstrid<--- no wonder Hiccup was so hesitant!