cucina esterna

Could I make open shelves like this for my kitchen with wood crates and then put decorative shelf brackets under them? I'm dying: this is a good idea. white tile + loads of plants caixotes

Facts to know about a Taurus - Likes

Very homey old fashioned kitchen- like what your grandmother had. You know food cooked here will taste good & be cooked with love! (like the wood counter-top here, too much clutter elsewhere)

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Aprovechar el espacio en la cocina con estanterías y barras

A beach Cottage Kitchen Shelving displaying beautiful dishes, glassware, vintage scale, & a small island with more storage & gorgeous white flowers. Open shelves down to floor level is an interesting concept. Could do them counter depth.

Hängenden Draht Früchte oder Gemüse Sphäre Korb von CharestStudios

Hanging Wire Fruit or Vegetable Sphere Basket by CharestStudios. Way better than a simple fruit basket !

Modern kitchen, pink refrigirator

I would never dream of putting these colors and finishes together, especially with a pink Smeg, but this is a fresh and happy kitchen! Caroline Gomez, Pastels and Colors in Bordeaux House, Pink Smeg in Kitchen

Rincones con encanto: 1 COCINA RUSTICA CHIC

Rincones con encanto: 1 COCINA RUSTICA CHIC

Hoy, tocó recoger los  Adornos Navideños...  Con cierta pena, porque se acaben estas fiestas tan mágicas y en las que he podido disfrutar t...

There isn't anything about this Barcelona flat that I'm not absolutely obsessed with. The whitewashed herringbone floors, the black trimmed…