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Cattail, Barn Owl, Wood Dove, Pearly Mussel, Appalachian Stone

Yarn for Garden House Baby Blanket

Cattail, Barn Owl, Wood Dove, Pearly Mussel, Appalachian Stone-- love the color combination

Ash, Overcast, Natural, Mustard Seed, Evergreen

Yarn for Valley Green Inn Cowl

SO BEAUTIFUL yarn dyed with coffee, rose petals, beets and tumeric // photo by vickie howell http://petitepurls.com/

I just caught this glimpse of the beautiful naturally dyed yarn by Vickie Howell. Pictured above are yarns dyed with coffee, roses, beets, and tumeric.

Millay Vintage

countingstonesheep millayvintage: Madder root is my very favorite dye in the world ❤️ source: camelliafibercompany

Little Things Blogged: {The Yarn Over List - Black & White}

dark chocolate, hot chocolate, and this color scheme. very soul warming things. Who cares if anyone uses them---think I'll just look at them. Why have I not thought to knit coasters?

••• Lillpsycho •••

I like the dark background against the lighter wool. A good 'work-in-progress' shot. However, I'm not sure it would work with my crochet project, as there's only one hook as opposed to two needles that make good lines.

coquita - sea colour palette

Love this color pallet. Handspun yarn, handpainted yarn, Baby Alpaca, bulky yarn thick and thin multiple skeins available-Stormy