Japanse wandelpaden lopen nooit in een rechte lijn. De Japanse wandelpaden bevatten altijd bochten, waardoor het een soort kronkelpad word.

he Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Discovered in an area of 79 hectares was spoiling their visitors with stunning scenery, beautiful flowers and colorful. Japanese garden is a lot of nuance Oran visited with people from foreign countries

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L' architecture japonaise en 74 photos magnifiques

Un jardin japonais à Clingendael Park dans les Pays-Bas. #jardin #fleurs #zen

Japanese garden in Clingendael Park, The Hague, Netherlands. The magnificent Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park is open to the public twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Admission is free.

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Beautiful Terraced Backyard Garden With Pink Bougenville Flower Stone Path Natural Contour And Paving Alley 28 In Category Design Home Ideas


Drum Bridge (very graceful structure), The Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.

45 photos de bassins avec cascade

55 Visually striking pond design ideas for your backyard! (image via Marpa Design Studio)


~I dream about this place, but I am always there at night~ Monet's Garden, Giverny Village, France.

Doing a bit of study on small courtyard landscapes.

Japanese Architecture: Shoji screens (traditional) are made of rice paper over wood/bamboo frames. They can be used as doors, window and room sliders.