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Okay, Flynn Rider and Prince Charming from Cinderella... Just no

Actors who look like Real Life Disney princes. (Matt Bomer can be my real life Disney prince any day)!

“Frozen” Dolls With A Fresh Coat Of Paint…

Repainted Frozen Dolls before and after. These are way better than the original dolls! Whoever repainted these should make a living on painting dolls for Disney toys.

Les créateurs de Frozen ont confirmé que la mère d’Elsa et d'Anna et celle de Raiponce sont sœur, ce qui rend Raiponce la cousine d'Elsa et Anna.

Frozen / Tangled crossover - Cousins, Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel by brittney lee

The crew of Disney's "Frozen" received these "Star Wars" themed t-shirts.

The crew of Disney's "Frozen" received these "Star Wars" themed t-shirts. (Cross post from r/Disney)

Beautiful Whimsical Illustrations by Jeremiah Ketner

"Gentle Companion" by Jeremiah Ketner - Gorgeous Beauty and the Beast painting :)

These Brilliant Snapchat Stories About Disney Princesses

These Brilliant Snapchat Stories About Disney Princesses' Secret Lives Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Thanks to The Official Princess Club, we now know what's going on with the Disney princesses and princes when we aren't looking.

All Directions...

I'm happiest and most productive when I make the most of where I am. Like enjoying "A Prairie Home Companion" on the car radio while driving around lost in the panhandle of western Nebraska.

4 mom:When you have a whole three seconds to fix yourself up in the morning

18 Disney GIFs That Totally Nail This Parenting Thing

Emergency Disney LOLs Because it’s time to get goofy and do a little dance.