Irish Wolfhound, top 10 biggest dog breeds

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Brendan, the Irish Wolfhound with his owner/breeder, Frank Winters, who is BTW! It really puts the breed's size into perspective! Brendan is about 180 pounds kg. I've always wanted an Irish Wolfhound!

Well, it has been agreed upon that our next family dog (once we have our own home) will be an Irish Wolfhound...time for a new piggy bank ;)

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Irish wolfhounds will forever be my favorite.

So a picture of an Irish Wolfhound pack has nothing to do with Sherlock, but it does remind me that if I were to get a dog, I'd get a giant hound and name him Baskerville.

Irish Wolf Hound

Irish Wolf Hound - NO it's a Deerhound, similar height but much finer boned.

Dog Breed of the Week: Irish Wolfhound | PawPost

These scruffy-looking dogs may be one of the biggest breeds in the world, but don't let their appearance intimidate you! Despite their beginnings as a war dog for the Celts, modern Wolfhounds are as tall as