Openstaande witte garderobekast gevuld met kleren

A white wardrobe with open doors filled with clothes and pictures attached to the inside of the wardrobe doors.

such a great idea, i always forget what great stuff i have in my wardrobe as i wear a unifrom every other day this would work for me, just wish i had time to photograph everything i have. Cork place mats taped to the inside a of a wardrobe doors used as pin boards for photos of outfits

Cork place mats(Avskild Place Mat taped to the inside of wardrobe doors used as pin-up boards for photos of outfits (also inc Komplement drawer and Mulig Valet Stand)

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Do you have so many clothes in your wardrobe you have no idea what you can and can’t live without? Yeah, some members of the Ideas team have that problem too.

Pick your looks for the week and post them onto AVSKILD place mats mounted on the back of your wardrobe door.

IKEA - AVSKILD, Place mat, Protects the table top surface and reduces noise from plates and flatware.

Die Tage werden kürzer, der Wind kälter. Der ideale Zeitpunkt, es dir drinnen gemütlich zu machen. Entdecke, wie wir Textilien nutzen, um das Zuhause wärmer und energieeffizienter zu gestalten.

The day’s are getting shorter, the wind’s a little crisp, luckily the time’s perfect for cosying up your indoors. Come see how we love to use textiles to celebrate the season outside, make the home warmer and more energy efficient too.

Gravity Home

Gravity Home

Cute makeover of a tween girl's closet. Though we have a feeling that she probably hung many more outfits on those closet poles once the camera was turned off!

Tween Wardrobe Makeover

The Organised Housewife Tween Wardrobe Make Over. I like the way there is a full length hang space and smaller hang spaces.

composition de rangement darwin de castorama

Un dressing facile à vivre avec Castorama

IKEA Deutschland | Der Spiegel KNAPPER hat 2 gute Seiten. Auf der Rückseite warten Kleiderstange und Haken - z. B. auf das Outfit für den nächsten Tag. So spart man morgens Zeit für ein paar Minuten Faulenzen im Bett.

KNAPPER Standspiegel, weiß

If you love your clothes, put them on show with open storage. Add extra hanging space with a mirror that doubles as a hidden clothes hanger!

A sua situação de vida não combina com o espaço disponível? Venha aprender a criar um quarto na sala usando estores, cortinados e arrumação criativa.

Living situation not quite match your floor plan? Come learn how to make a private bedroom in your living room using blinds, shutters and creative storage.

Closet duplo IKEA aberto, com calhas para pendurar roupa e gavetas de diferentes profundidades e alturas.

Who can resist a color-coordinated closet? Mimic the look in your own home for an eye-pleasing and organized result that will make mornings even easier.