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I did this all the time in math class. I intuited the answer but still got an F because I didn't do the proof correctly. #infjproblems #INFJ

Sums up my life

This sums up my life pretty well~ but my stupid math teacher will mark you down if you didnt use the perferred equation, even if the entire class used my equation

Brilliant! :D

What Is The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done?

Funny pictures about The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Oh, and cool pics about The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Also, The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done photos.

10 Fresh Memes: Using The Toilet At Your Friend's Home.

The first one When you act sweet and then you trust them enough to show the real you

Hey is Beautiful

29 Tweets That'll Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

Where can I get a teacher like this.

Rise & Shine (26 photos)

my lit teacher cracks me up.update: his wife bought him a rubber stamp that says “nailed it” for his 15 minutes of internet fame.

Haha!!!! too funny!!

"Thank you God lady" 16 Perfect Snapshots Of The American Schooling System

Check this out

LOL. Look at this

for real I hated Mr Noodle when the kids were young.banned elmo cuz I was for sure this person screaming "Goddammit Mr Noodle!

I laughed so hard at the last pic

You don't have time? MAKE TIME!

Also enjoy this comic about an epic plan to pissoff your family. It's a tiny arm miracle.

Just read

Cards against Humanity win. "When you get right down to it, an unhinged ferris wheel rolling toward the sea is just a windmill full of corpses". The won the entire game.


Four billion tons of white bull shit. Oh my gosh I love this guy hahahahahaha

How did the parents feel about this? How about the principal?

Funny pictures about Extreme chemistry class. Oh, and cool pics about Extreme chemistry class. Also, Extreme chemistry class.

love this!! maybe I should get a tumblr account because of things like this!

Nothing, just chilling

Can we just accolade that I think the second guy is the guy who found his old red jacket and it still fit. Do know which post I'm talking about?


Excuse me while I go laugh at this for three years. I like Taylor but this is funny.<<I think the reason why this is funny is because we like her.