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About the Designer Houston Hardin    Houston Hardin is a doctor who collects firearms. The idea for his X Ray Guns series occurred when he had a gun shipped to his radiology office. A pair of curious workers, knowing his hobby decided to "take a peek" without opening the package. They CAT scanned the package, sent him the result, and that's when the lightbulb went off. Hardin perfected the imaging process to create beautiful prints that capture a little known side of gun design.

well, the X Ray Guns Prints are not actually firearms that had undergone X-Ray, but are guns that were put through special CT scan process as perfected by Houston Hardin

Uzi + Supressor Submachine Gun

X Ray Guns are actually CT scan guns, but the sentiment is clear: rarely do we think about the inner workings of these contentious machines.

Steyr Aug...oh, honey...

Austrian Steyr AUG, The first really successful "bull pup" assault rifle.

Set of Four Modern Vintage Gray/Yellow Wall Art - Print Set - Home Decor - 8x11 Prints (Unframed). $35.00, via Etsy.

Set of Four Modern Vintage Gray/Yellow Wall Art - Print Set - Home Decor - Prints (Unframed)

RFB .308. Nice setup.

The Kel-Tec RFB [Rifle, Forward-Ejection, Bullpup] semi-automatic rifle chambered for Winchester with FN FAL mags

HK battle rifle

Firearm: Light Machine Gun Caliber: x Barrel Length: Weight: 17 lb.

Yah hunting time

My next build! Remington 870 combat build, Magpul You need the most you can get on the gun. And the Remington 870 is a perfect shotgun for the everyday, rugged use.

THIS!!  THIS IS AN ASSAULT WEAPON!!  WWII Stevens 520-30 Trench Gun

WWII Stevens Trench Gun/// I really want one of these, so um, if you feel so inclined, I wouldn't say no if you just kinda want to give me one.

I want them both right now

At first glance HK 121 is a most impressive weapon. “Heckler & Koch” has been developing this machine gun since