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The resting place - A juvenile Whites tree frog

The resting place - A juvenile Whites tree frog

{ there’s nothing like you when you’re gone. }

Opinion: I like how you start from the bottom of the trunk and work your way up to the top of the highest branches. Shows how if you start low you can work your way up.

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A beautifully detailed original Tree of Life drawing with Sun and Moon by Liza Paizis.

Don't know the name, but lovely. Felicia Simion Photography

This is a photo called, Gonna build a heaven by Felicia Simion. I chose this because I think that it is incredible the way she took this photo from such a far away perspective. It looks as though that person standing on the mountain is in waves of clouds.

Foto pica-pau-do-campo (Colaptes campestris) Brasil

Foto pica-pau-do-campo (Colaptes campestris) por Jardel Prado

The littlest thing I can life create happiness for the whole world.

This picture crisply and elegantly captures the softness of the delicate water droplet this combined with gentle flower creates such a stunning picture which still manages to capture the beauty of macro photography.

Redeyed Frogs

'Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears' (Explored)

Dashunds ... Ooooo so adorable!!just too cute! Probably just ate a pair of shoes...but thats ok:-)

Puppy so adorable. puppy love Look at this face! 70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood