"I did the better kangaroo! I did the better sassy hands!

the earrings<<<omg yes, I can't picture this

the earrings tho

He and Phil are God's gift to earth.

It says Memes, Dogs, and You meaning Dan btw

Dan Howell danisnotonfire YouTube Phil Lester amazingphil kickthepj crabsticks

Hey Dan just ships KickTheStickz it's normal

omg this is amazing

Apparently these two dudes kept on getting stopped cuz ppl thought they were Dan and Phil

Makes sense to me XD

These are actually decent pictures, too

Imagine the photoshoots guys

Dan and Phil 2015 calender months

Phil strikes again... get it cause Phil striker... no... okay.<<< I get it! It's ok, would you like a kit kat. Get it!?

Sassy Phil strikes again

Danisnotonfire what is he doing?! :] and does anyone else see a baby doll in the background? Lol :)

take Dan away<Dry his eyes, bring color to his skies<< this is all i sing whenever i hear my happy little pill now

I love how he just makes a LOTR reference just like that *snaps*

He has a bloody British accent!

Just that one sentence.

wait why do my cheeks feel we- oh I'm crying

Idk if I already posted this but oh well!

I could never see Phil's phone in real life I can't Stand the bubbles I would have to go through them or I would through the phone<<< Phil's phone looks like mine with all the notification bubbles.

Guys if you like Dan and Phil follow my account @howell.cute on Instagram. It's a new account just starting out and all your help would be greatly appreciated!

This is my fav meme

DANIEL JAMES HOWELL // he looks so good with a quiff oh my gOSH

The Crash- Dan x Reader - Chapter 1

dan.<<my names blurry face and I care what you think/// I think he just scream " HI!"

<<my names blurry face and I care what you think/// I think he just scream " HI!


Yer a wizard Danny