concept art from Pocahontas

Concept art of Pocahontas by Glen Keane from Disney's "Pocahontas". Over 50 animators were involved in designing the character of Pocahontas.

Living Lines Library: Tarzan (1999) - Glen Keane

Living Lines Library: Tarzan - Glen Keane- I knew it was his before reading the caption because of Tarzan's posture- the way his hands are clenched and the arch of his back.

Art of Glen Keane.  Some really neat ways to play with hair. Good stuff.

Model Sheet Monday “Tangled” 2010 These aren’t exactly model sheets, they’re character development sketches. In between concept and final design. A lot of these are notes to the character modelers and.

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Interview with Glen Keane, Disney veteran and legendary animation artist (Part - Skwigly Animation Magazine