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this music quotes when it say LOUDER.I think and I was listen to when I read that

Clarinet Flute Oboe Musical Instrument Wire Bending by YCWireArt, $10.50

Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Musical Instrument Wire Bending Ornament with Optional Custom Letters / Keychain / Pendant / Hanging Ornament

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Get sheet music for wedding song, make a heart, take a pic. Would be cute if the rings or the newlyweds were in the heart!

♪I'll learn to work the saxophone I'll play just what I feel ♪

Inspiring image color, cute, hearts, music, saxophone by arakan - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

The fiddle, an integral part of Irish and Celtic music throughout history, will be featured in our Classic Celtic album, out TOMORROW!

Picture of an Appalachia Man playing his Fiddle. Fiddle is a instrument used on Appalachia music. It is very similar to a violin the main difference is the way that the musician plays it. It is a strong symbol of the Appalachian music and culture.

Dusty ole records

Once old, is new again and vinyl is back! Just got a record player for Christmas.glad I kept my old records. Something comforting listening to unique sound of records. Fun sharing them with my daughter!

Computer based maths module in Elementary Music Education  NeuromusicGroup  Reflection  Ukraine

A Musical Matter

Give your old piano some character with paint or ink. I just need an old piano.


EXPRESSION - I also love music. I love the expression and emotion that you can obtain through another person's experiences. This also ties in with my dance background with my need for self expression and thoughts to be heard.

Music , First thing i turn on in the morning and the last thing I turn off at night ,

I love music and it is a massive part of my life. I can't play an instrument but I love listening to music.


May your music always take beyond your wildest dreams and keep your soul full of joy, peace and eagerness to fulfill all your true doe

A very special flute

Beautiful hand made flute by John Lunn. I played the flute my whole life. Would love to be able to play this beautiful instrument.