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Hillary Clinton hates this photo of herself and has DEMANDED that it be removed from the internet. So please, whatever you do, do not forward this to anyone you have ever known since the beginning of time to help her get it off of social media.


Fire Fighters, along with other everyday heroes like our soldiers, deserve SO MUCH MORE respect and honor than they get. so sad how Americans give more fame to celebrities who don't need it, and ignore the real heroes.


Re post: If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one. If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. Liberals, aka Democrats or Progressives, want to take away everyone's rights so they can CONTROL people.

Oh my God! And here in America people want disability payments for acute problems!!!

I'm VERY impressed with this man. He would definitely deserve to receive disability benefits in the US; however, he's not letting his disability hold him back!


Don't believe the claims of large crowds unless you actually see the entire crowd at once.

Fuck yes. ....

Funny pictures about My honest opinion. Oh, and cool pics about My honest opinion. Also, My honest opinion.

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Our daughters deserve better then Lying Hillary. She is not the person to be the first woman president. Let's make better decisions for our children's sake.


A real man that loves his country and appreciates what the men and women of military have gone through to protect her. God bless you President!

Police lives matter.  God Bless all that risk their lives to protect us.  God help those that don't.

Support our Police!

Thank you to all members of law enforcement that risk their lives to keep us safe. Much respect.

Lives matter

Blue lives matter too: the difference is that you die breaking the law and we die defending it